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Forum Rules

Post by Pine Republic on Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:02 pm

Forum Rules are as followed:

1. No Vulgarity. Please use kind and constructive words when posting. We do not tolerate any kind of foul language or hate posts. Hate posts include hate against ideologies, religions, sex, sexuality, gender, race, etc. We do permit debates, but speaking foully of someone for no reason is not tolerated.

2. No flame wars/Micronational Wars. Micronational or flame wars are not tolerated when they are against other users. Most of the time, they are useless ways to express anger towards another user. Flame Wars will result in immediate locking of the thread and moderator actions. 

3. Maturity Is Important. Please use proper grammar, ensure that you are constructive in your criticism, and please, no caps lock unless it is appropriate.

4. Signature lengths should be kept to a minimum. There's no need for a paragraph per post. Please, keep your signatures within a reasonable length.

5. Listen to the moderators, and leave the moderating up to them. What they say, goes. If you find a moderator to be out of line, please contact me or another moderator. 

6. Do not sell anything on the forum. Do that somewhere else.

7. Remember to post in the appropriate forums. Do not derail threads. Frequent off topic comments will result in a warning. 

8. Please leave red text to moderators, like this. 

9. The recommended age minimum for joining this forum is 18. We won't turn you away if you're younger, but bear in mind, we are looking for more serious micronationalists who are either just in it for the hobby or those looking to actually secede. If you are a micronationalist just to have fun online, you may not find this forum useful. 

10. Remain respectful to another user's nation. Even if you don't agree with them, please be respectful of the culture they choose. 

This forum uses the three strikes, you're out method. If found breaking any rule, you will be given a preliminary warning by a moderator or administrator. If the action is repeated, you will be banned temporarily, for two weeks. If the action is repeated again, you will be banned for good.
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